Top 5 Best Water Parks in Pakistan

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The idea of Water Theme Park is relatively new when it comes to Pakistan.

However, in other countries, such theme parks are very common and people enjoy exotic rides with waterfalls. Water and amusement parks gave always remained a popular entertainment venue from the time they were first set up. People from all around the globe go to such entertainment destinations in order to enjoy.

Water and amusements parks have been popular entertainment venues since the time they were the first set up in the late eighteenth century. From that time, these entertainment places are getting better than before day by day catering the need of this modern generation. These parks are not just for kids but also for an older audience who would love to be a part of it.

Pakistan being a newly developed country has loads of amusements and theme parks, but when it comes to Water Parks in Pakistan, the country is lagging behind. Pakistan is also housing some water parks, in big cities however much more need to be done in terms of security, quality assurance, and new technologies.

Government is also planning to develop themed parks in major cities of Pakistan i.e. Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad keeping in view the culture and heritage of the place. But nothing is better than water theme parks having thrilling rides. Though the government is not looking into any water theme parks, but many private organization have made it through.

Water theme park in Islamabad

The Aquatic City

Currently, The Aquatic City has planned a Water theme park in Islamabad keeping in view the growing demand of amusements. This water park is said to include thrilling ride separately for kids and grownups. In this way, people of all ages will be able to enjoy. The Water park of Aquatic City is said to have mild warm water for making it a fearless journey in winters too.

Whereas, there are already some water parks, but they are not much large and developed and do not have thrilling rides for elders. However, these are the Pakistani Water Parks that one should go.

Sozo Water Park, Lahore:

This is the best place for a group outing. It has thrilling rides and slides which throw you in water. Tube rides add to the fun but the perfect thing about this park is that it provides a separate water park for women. Otherwise, in other parks, women are not facilitated and provided with separate lockers and washrooms. It also has some slide for children under five years so that they do not feel left out.

Sozo Water park provides an excellent place to spend your weekend at a cost-effective price.

Dreamworld, Karachi:

Dreamworld Karachi is one of the largest water parks in Pakistan providing people with loads of fun-filled rides, slides, and water. Tough this park doesn’t provide any separate rides for ladies but when it comes to children it has many fun-filled activities and slides. This park can accommodate more than 1000 people. This water amusement park has a wave pool, rafting, water chutes & rides. Apart from water rides, it also has other land rides for kids and adults.

The Great Fiesta, Karachi:

The great Fiesta water park, 55 acres of land having ravishing and enjoyable rides. This is the best destination for people who love nature and a peaceful journey. If you want to make your holiday memorable, go to this place. It has 32 plus rides for kids and elders which make this park for everyone.

One can relax and enjoy high artificial waves in the pool. Freefall rides will add happiness to your adventure.

Aqua Land Water Park Faisalabad:

Aqua land water park is located in Faisalabad, marking the best ever excursion area. It offers a swimming pool with slides and balls. However, when compared to other water parks in Pakistan, it is an average one. This is not a family place to visit due to its location, maybe. So seldom some girls are seen here. This park has limited rides, but when you have nothing else to do, one can go and enjoy the water with friends.

Aqua Fun Resort Water Park, Islamabad:

Are you having a hectic routine? Have some fun with family and friends by visiting this wonderful location. Aqua Fun resort is designed to provide freedom to people, proving them with all the ride at one place.

Among many other rides, this park also features some water rides and swimming pool. These rides are designed for kids only however adults can enjoy in the pool. Tough this water park is situated in a small area, still, it provides people with the best ever experience.

Above were the five water parks, situated in different cities of Pakistan. However there is always a room for improvement, so these parks should be equipped with the latest rides and technologies to remain in Limelight. Meanwhile, another water park in Islamabad is coming soon. It will be located near New Islamabad Airport in The Aquatic City. It is said to be equipped with the latest water rides.

Do you like these water parks listed above? If you have a better option to share, or if we have missed any good park, do add to our knowledge by commenting below.

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