ECO-Friendly Housing Society 

Amenities that meet your needs and wishes

Aquatic Lake

The Aquatic city artificial lake provides an opportunity for Residents and visitors to enjoy swimming in summers. Apart from swimming, various activities will take place there like water sports, carnivals, live concerts and much more.

This lake will not only add to the beauty of the society but will also become an excursion landmark for the residents of twin cities who can spend their weekend on this family spot. For kids, various rides are also planned around the lake so that they have some good time. Special lighting arrangements are also made so that people can enjoy the Bar B Q at any time.

Tree Houses & Resorts

Aquatic City Tree Houses and Resorts will be one of its kind in Pakistan providing Eco-Friendly environment and further beautifying The Aquatic City.

IMax Cinema

Who wants to live in a boring society without Entertainment centers? The Aquatic City has introduced Imax cinemas based on the latest technology with exotic cinematic experience for viewers.

Water Park & Zoo

Water Park
There should be something to refresh you in this world of worries. What can be better than a water park and Zoo facility? This is the first Water Park in Pakistan with thrilling water rides and adventures. This Water park will not only facilitate the residents of society but will also cater visitors with the best ever experience.
Aquatic Zoo
Aquatic Zoo is designed for kids of all ages having wide range of Exotic Species.
Food Courts
At the end of busy and hectic day what really matters? Food and only Food! So take out some time for yourself and enjoy the variety of cuisines at The Aquatic City food court.
Indoor Pool
Swimming is a fun filled activity and when the pool is easily available, it becomes hobby. An Indoor pool in the heart of The Aquatic City makes it easily accessible for all the residents. With different timings for Kids, boys and girls, this is the best places to swim your heart out.

Aquatic International Hospital

Hospital is the most important and necessary facility any society can have. We strive to bring medical care within reach of people by introducing International Aquatic Hospital within The Aquatic City, aiding people with all basic health care facilities at unbelievable subsidized rates.

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