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We're trying to hire people that we can bring in that will work under these managers, and making sure that hopefully, in a gradual way, that we don't lose too awfully much

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Opioids are widely abused for their euphoric qualities, with users taking larger doses than prescribed or administering drugs in a different way than intended

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But they classify patients according to income standards, so only those who are really in need are provided with allowances and financial support

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That's when she was able to fulfill her childhood dream of tap-dancing as well as learning to lay down a pretty sweet hula dance

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I was in this abuse for 3 years, never knew he was doing meth till one day he did it in front of me

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to use the anesthetic propofol to put an inmate to death after the German maker of the drug, Fresenius

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At theRevisionSinusSurgery Center of Excellence, our doctors want our patients to stay educated on what their condition truly means

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In an environment constrained by traditional investment approaches, stakeholders in the drug development value chain have started to come together to explore collaborative models to drive innovation

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