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Allowing the clinician to focus on the specific needs of the patient without other distractions is something that patients, family members and the clinicians themselves can really appreciate.

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Anything which safely and effectively protects the structure, function, health and stability of the hippocampus is at the core of promoting a healthy and vibrant middle and old age.

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"We've been fairly used to the effects of marijuana and other, more traditional drugs and their side effects, but these newer drugs are more unpredictable

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Lantus Solostar is a synthetic hormone used to control blood sugar levels in diabetic patients

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This gastric barrier disappears after gastrectomy (Caballeria et al., 1989) and may be lost, in part, in the alcoholic, because of a decrease in gastric ADH (Di Padova el al., 1987).

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that they should not be consumed in amounts larger than to cup per day, and that the patient should

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