Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of the project?

The name of the project is “The Aquatic City” located near Islamabad International airport.

How Does Al-Bari Group of company ensure the quality of such Large Scale Project: The Aquatic City?

Al-Bari Group of companies has a Quality Control Department that ensure that the quality doesn’t go down at any cost. The raw material used are passed through proper quality tests. The team looks over to the overall projects from inception to delivery.

What are the development Options available with The Aquatic City?

There are different development options available, be it residential, commercial or leisure.

What is the exact location of the project?

The Aquatic City is located in Prime location in Islamabad, around 14 KM away from New Islamabad International Airport.

How to know that our Payment is secure?

Your payment is totally secure. In order to avoid fraudulent, we have introduced a new bond on the form. The number of the bond and form no will be the same.

How can I Know the On-going developments in The Aquatic City?

In order to know about the developments, head to our Gallery Section.

What is the overall theme of The Aquatic City?

The main theme of The Aquatic City is green, clean and eco-friendly society.

How much is a down payment on purchasing a plot?

You can pay 25 % down payment and the remaining amount in five years monthly installments.

General FAQs

Q1: How to apply for a housing scheme in Pakistan?

Applying in any housing scheme is very easy all you need is money. First of all, you need to choose which community is best suited to your living standard. Before applying for any housing scheme you need to check the amenities it is offering that will help you and your family to get a healthy lifestyle.

There are many housing societies in Pakistan providing basic necessities such as Schools, hospitals, excursion area, parks, and restaurants. People need to do basic homework before buying any society.

Now when you are sure that any specific housing society is providing everything you had asked for, move to the registration process. First of all, you need to get the registration form for that society from its online website or site office. The applicant needs to pay registration fees at the designated district offices.

Now when you are registered, pay the down payment and later on get the plot/house on installments. This procedure may vary for different societies; however, the overall idea would be the same. Upon paying all the installments, the property is transferred to your name, and you are the authority to do anything with it. You can either sell it or save it for future investment.

Q2: what is housing society?

A housing society is a legal entity which owns real estate having one or more residential buildings. Housing societies are different from home ownership.

Such societies are created by a single company and then distributed to different people who can live peacefully there.

Here is a perfect definition: Housing society means a society, the object, of which is, to provide its members with open plots for housing, dwelling houses or fiats; or if open plots, the dwelling houses or flats are already acquired, to provide its member’s common amenities and services.”

So any society providing plots or homes to people under a proper society name is called housing society. Such a housing society also provide different facilities like water, electricity, or other amenities. House societies also have plenty of excursion spots so that the people living within can enjoy their lives to the fullest.

Some good societies also provide health care units so that people living in them do not have to go out for minor things. Societies are responsible for the maintenance of each and everything, though they charge the residents for it.

People also consider living in such societies as they are considered safe and different safety measures are taken for the welfare of people.

Q3: how to make housing society?

Making a housing society is not as easy as many think it is. First of all, you need to find a perfect place for it which is best suitable for people. It should be located in a place where there is a trademark so that people should be opting for it.

Now when you have selected a suitable place, the next step is to plan the overall architecture with respect to the target market. Plan the latest amenities that can attract people to buy your society. All modern societies provide basic facilities like sewerage system, gas, electricity, and water. When you are done with this, plan luxuries that will force people to select you in competition. Luxuries can include Water Park, lakes, theme houses, tree houses and other things that make people happy.

Make your society sweet sight for people who are searching for something very good. When you are done with all this, hire a construction company and start the first phase. On the other hand, jot down the payment plan that is most suitable for you and easy to go with for applicants too.

All you need to do to attract customer is to at least provide one unique thing for people in any society that will force people to buy it.

Q4: which housing society is best in Pakistan?

There are many housing societies in Pakistan providing the best experience to people. However when it comes to “Best Housing Society in Pakistan”, there is a lot of competition. Among other societies, we have big names like DHA, Bahira Town, and Askaris that have gained people trust. However, Bahria Town is considered to be a society that provides most facilities among others. The best thing about Bahria Town is no load shedding. This is the main reason why people term this society the best place to live in.

Apart from this facility, Bahia town is said to be mini America due to a planned small house, and most of the area is dedicated to green land. The second in my list is DHA, as the roads are very well designed and we seldom witness any standing water on rainy days. These societies are no doubt well planned, but now The Aquatic City is also providing the same amenities. The unique thing about The Aquatic City is that it is planned to keep in view the declining health of people of Pakistan. Being the ecological society, special care is taken of providing maximum green area so that people can not only enjoy there but also get healthy standards of living.

Q5: which housing society is best in Islamabad?

Being the capital of the city, Islamabad is equipped with beauty and luxurious facilities. As many people have migrated here from all the parts of the country, it is a dire need to establish a society which can accommodate many people. It should be mentioned here that all the societies based in Islamabad have incredibly high rates. So many societies are working to provide people with the same facilities in outskirts of Islamabad.

Nowadays Gulberg Greens is flourishing and many people from Islamabad and Rawalpindi have opted for the society. Even many corporate offices are also operating from there and recently many big events were planned. The basic goal of Gulberg Greens is to provide its residents with green and clean environment that can make people happy and fresh. The society also has the facility of education and health.  Different Parks, schools, hospitals, mosque shopping centers and excursion centers make this society the best place to live in. The 24/76 electricity backup make this society favorable for people who are fed up of load shedding in Pakistan. Gulberg Greens provide 11 months easy installment plan for those who are looking to buy plots on installments.

So what are you waiting for? Go and Buy property there!

Q6: which housing society is best in Rawalpindi?

There are many housing societies planned for the residents of Rawalpindi facilitating them with the basic need of living. No doubt, the population of Rawalpindi and Islamabad is increasing day by day, as being the center of Pakistan, many people have migrated here from different parts of the country. Moreover, the twin cities have plenty of health care units, good schools, and the best universities. As our rural population lacks this, the rural community has also shifted here keeping in view the facilities available in these cities. With the ever growing population, government and other private firms have planned different societies that will provide good living standards to people.

As living is somewhat economical in Rawalpindi as compared to Islamabad, different companies have planned housing societies in Rawalpindi with the same perks as those in Islamabad. Among many good societies, Defense Housing Society is a secure and well-equipped society having different amenities. DHA not only provides a sound living but also has equipped the society with excursion places like playing grounds, Cinemas, shopping centers, and schools, which make this place the best among other societies to live in. Nothing is more helpful than having good schools in your vicinity. So this is a time that one should be opting for the best society.

Q7: Where is The Aquatic city?

The Aquatic City is an ecological and eco-friendly society designed, keeping in view the ever-growing pollution in our society. The Aquatic City is located at Prime location of Islamabad near New International airport. Being close to the airport make it the most favorable place. The Aquatic City is designed with all the basic amenities with the added sugar of the luxurious facilities.

The Green city has a water park and artificial lake that will be picnic spot for people living inside the society. However, it doesn’t mean that the people who are not a part of society cannot enjoy these services. Moreover, luxurious farmhouses will make your functions more popular in twin cities. The tree houses is a new idea and no housing society has ever designed them, so it will offer an overall unique experience. The primary goal of The Aquatic City is to provide a clean and green environment to people where they can feel fresh and happy.

Having schools and hospital will solve the problem of people who prefer to live near such basic services. The security of the society is also well maintained through patrolling police, and different CCTV cameras are also installed to monitor the ongoing circumstances.

Q8: how to go green in the city?

Green City is an ecological and environmentally friendly society designed keeping in view the social, economic and environmental impact.  However, every resident of the society should also go green by following some measures which are listed below:

  • Don’t throw plastic bags in the green city as they are harmful to health and do not even decompose
  • Do not throw the plastic mugs provided by fast food companies in the bin. They only spread pollution in green cities.
  • Turn off the water tab when you are done with brushing your teeth.
  • Unplug small electric appliances when not in use
  • Buy local and seasonal food and try to grow them in your own farm to get fresh and organic vegetables
  • Avoid using toxic cleaners at your home. They not only pollute the air but are also extremely harmful to kids.
  • Don’t throw garbage on roads in a green society. Throw trash in dust bins only as it will be beneficial for your kids.
  • Build trees and Go Green.

In order to become a green resident of the society, one should opt for all the above-mentioned points. This will not only keep your society clean but will also help your children to grow in an ecological environment.

Q9: how to make your city green?

The trend of green cities is increasing in all the major countries, and more people know that green cities are providing people with a healthy lifestyle. Green city is a city which is constructed keeping in view the socio-economic condition of the society.  Green city initiative is very famous nowadays in Pakistan, and more people are trying to make their surroundings green by performing different measures.

Just recently a trend on twitter is going viral that is clean your cities, where youth is sharing before and after pictures of garbage and pure land.

People think that the only way to make your city green is by planting more and more trees. However one can also introduce more measures to make the city green.


  • Invent plenty of Parks
  • Make the city resilient by introducing efficient public transportation
  • Inventing quality public places
  • Introduce recycling and composting program
  • Promote urban agriculture
  • Minimize air pollution and generate more oxygen
  • Build smart energy policies and buy renewable energy
  • Sewage Management

In order to make a city green, the government should take the reforms mentioned above and each and every individual should also specific steps which will not only be helpful for them but also for the upcoming generation.

Q10: how many water park in Pakistan?

The scenario of Water parks in Pakistan is somewhat new. Though other countries have made very large and modern water parks, Pakistan has now started building water parks which are not that big but offer the same kind of fun. Pakistan is housing some water parks, in big cities however much more need to be done in terms of security, quality assurance, and new technologies. According to the government, soon more cities will be equipped with such facilities including water parks. Just recently, The Aquatic City has announced an extensive water park keeping in view the lack of such amusements in Pakistan. The water park of this society will have thrilling water rides separately designed for kids and elders. The controlled temperature will make this water park a fun experience in summers too.

Moreover, there are many other water parks currently available where users can enjoy a fun-filled experience.

  • Sozo Water Park, Lahore
  • Dreamworld, Karachi
  • The Great Fiesta, Karachi
  • Aqua Land Water Park Faisalabad
  • Aqua Fun Resort Water Park, Islamabad

As there is always a room for improvement, so these parks should be improved by including the latest and thrilling rides. Moreover, the park of The Aquatic City will be equipped with latest and unique rides and is situated near New Islamabad Airport.

Q11: How can I find cheap plots in Islamabad?

Buying cost-effective plots is not a piece of cake. One needs to be extra vigilant and well informed for it as there is always the best time to buy or sell plots. For being well informed, you need to go to a real estate consultant who has each and every knowhow of the rates and blooming plots. Moreover, there are many portals and sites based on real estate which help you buying and selling the property.

Among many other, Green earth has designed such portal which is updated on a daily basis. One can get everything there: be it a plot, house our any shop. Green Earth has all the information when it comes to buying a property in any society of twin cities. One can also sell the property by collaborating with them. You can get your dream property with them.

Many other portals are also working to provide people with the property at best rates. One of the pioneers of such real estate agency is Zameen.com. So in order to get the best plots at cost effective rates, one should be opting for any real estate agency or an agent who will take his commission but at the same time provide the best solution to your problem.

Q12: what is eco-friendly housing society?

Before we go into further details, let’s understand what the term eco-friendly actually means. It means “not environmentally harmful.” Eco-friendly society is a society that is designed keeping in view all the ecological measures in mind.  Such societies are clean and based on the latest standards. Such societies are environmentally conscious keeping in view the factors that make the society Green.

Nowadays, the trend of green societies is increasing for much good reason, and green construction is getting common day by day. There are many environmental benefits of eco-friendly societies. Even the workers who work for such societies have reported less headache and allergy issues. The energy cost is also reduced in the construction of building in such societies. Even such societies based on green theme sell for more money than a standard building. The buildings in such societies are made having solar panels and environmentally friendly materials. Such societies include too many parks and other greenery so that people have more fresh air to breathe. With a proper sewerage system, and garbage bins should also be provided outside every home and garbage car should pick trash from these bins. Everyone wants to live in such a green society having minimum health hazards.

Q13: How to find the best housing project in Pakistan?

Finding the best housing project is not easy when you have plenty of choices and you have to make one. No doubt, it would be confusing and at the same time difficult to make the decision all alone. In such circumstances, one can hire a consultant who can give you the best knowledge of everything that is going on in the real estate industry. However, this is not the only way to know about the best ongoing project in the real estate industry.

There are certain website and apps that can be used in order to get the best-priced projects. You just need to tell your preferences, and the website will produce multiple results. Moreover, such websites also help you to know about the latest trends in the real estate industry.

Moreover, websites like OLX also have certain people who post such adverts to notify people that certain projects are the best to buy now a day. Moreover, one can join certain groups on social media that are related to housing society’s projects to get more targeted information.  However, make sure that you hire a reliable consultant who tells you the actual facts and figures rather than looking for his own interest.

Best of Luck.

Q14: What is an artificial lake?

Artificial Lake is a man-made reservoir which can be formed by building a dam across the valley. It can be made by diverting a small part of the river into a reservoir or can even be made real by the surrounding land covered with sand.

There are many artificial lakes in Pakistan; however, Islamabad does not have an artificially created lake. To address this, Al-Bari Group of Companies has decided to include such man-made reservoir in the Aquatic City. Such an artificial lake within The Aquatic City will add to the beauty of the overall project.

No doubt, there are many other excursions in The Aquatic City; however, this one is the best. So on weekends, all the residents would be able to visit it and enjoy it with their families. Some rides are also planned for children around this lake so that they do not get bored. Moreover, sandpit for kids will also be available adding to the beauty of the lake. This artificial lake will be enlightened with colorful lights so that people can enjoy a Barbecue there at nights. Everything will be well planned and will offer a full joy experience to people of all ages.

Q16: what is an Imax cinema?

IMAX cinemas are not new now, and almost all the cinemas are IMAX. IMAX is abbreviated as “Image Maximum.” IMAX cinema projection system came into being long ago in 2008, designed with shorter 1.90:1 aspect ratio screens. This system uses dual 2K projectors that can present 2D or 3D content in IMAX digital format.

The film in IMAX cinemas runs horizontally unlike older means of projection. Keeping in view the growing IMAX cinemas’ many feature films are converted to IMAX format while some are shot in IMAX partially. All the latest cinemas are based on the latest IMAX technology. However, it should be mentioned here that not all the movies are created in IMAX format.

The Aquatic Mall will have an IMAX cinema providing the best experience to people. Among other amenities, the IMAX cinema will act as the best time pass for men who will accompany their ladies for shopping. Moreover, The Aquatic Mall also has the tallest aquarium and a marine-themed restaurant which will offer a wonderful experience. Furthermore, there is a kid’s area also to facilitate mothers with tension free shopping. As The Aquatic Mall is based on all the modern technology, Cinema is also equipped with the latest technology, i.e. IMAX. At IMAX the picture extends out to every corner. It makes you feel like you are a part of the film. IMAX technology provides you an ultimate way to enjoy your movie.

Q15: Looking for really cool tree houses to live in?

Do you think that tree houses are only for kids? It’s not true. Many people used to believe that tree houses are just for kids until a giant tree house was made for standard living. Now Treehouses are in a fashion designed as a perfect place of living. Tree houses also called tree fort is a kind of building which is constructed among trunks and branches. Some tree houses are also built above the ground level on trees, but they are very few in numbers. The tree houses built on the tree offer a thrilling and beautiful experience.

In Pakistan, it is relatively a new concept. The Aquatic City is planned to have certain Tree Houses that will provide a perfect experience to people. It will be a superb experience living in a place full of greenery, where one can breathe fresh air and can hear the birds chirping. Such tree houses provide a scenic experience which is eternal. These tree houses will act as the perfect place to hang out with friends. The tree houses of The Aquatic City will be considered as standard living if designed well.  Currently, some tree houses are constructed in Monal Islamabad rest there are no such tree forts designed in twin cities.