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despite the fact that I take less than the maximum dosage to control my allergies, I asked to look at the

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pharmaceutical patent laws and the need to maintain affordable medicine within the poorest communities.


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It is another day, and once again you feel the side effects of age

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One is called Fast, Cheap, and in Control, and very amusingly shows technology not squashing but being put to the service of a distinctive Hispanic culture

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What I can say is there are many models in healthcare where more than one credentialing body is recognized, such as nurse practitioners and others

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Setting up what I felt comfortable with and what she felt comfortable with was a big part of maintaining balance all around

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Senator Feinstein even stated she believed the proposal was reasonable

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I hate to switch back to Walmart since the Rite Aid is only a half a block from my house and Walmart is about 7 miles

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